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The LA love story

December 4, 2008

Just like a romance novel, so goes our story.

Boy sees car, boy falls in love with car, boy loves to drive car, boy runs out of gas, boy sees gas prices, boy falls out of love.

While the gas prices have dropped substantially, with the economy being the way it is now, consumers are being more careful with their decisions when it comes to cars. Still, being a native of LA, I can say that I can hardly tell. While it is true that the number of riders on the metro system has increased, cars still dominate the streets and freeways of LA.

Driving in LA is not just a normal task. It is so much more than that. From the “way” you drive, to the kind of car you drive, driving is an expression and way for you to let everyone in LA know who you are. For example, seeing a Ferrari pull up to a McDonald’s is not uncommon in LA. While everyone is aware of the economic situation and unstable gas prices, LA will continue to be crowded with cars. With the gas prices on the down at the moment, it is fair to say that LA will see an increase in the number of cars on the road. We should be starting to go green, but for some us, going green means changing our image. To some, the $60,000 luxury car that gets 12MPG in the driveway means that we’ve accomplished something and are well-off. Some of us don’t want to change that.

While some of us drive out of necessity, some drive because

1. They enjoy driving

2. They want to show off their car

3. They don’t want to use the public transportation

While LA has made great strides to improve there public transportation I will admit that aside from one time when I was very young, I have not ridden the public transportation since.

Yes, I am guilty. I am guilty for being one of the hundreds and thousands of drivers that drive because they don’t want to use the public transportation and enjoy driving. As a result my car and the way I drive have become an extension of who I am. Some may even classify me as the “college student driver.”

So now I ask you, what kind of driver are you?

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