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Where Last Season’s Style Goes

January 27, 2009

In a time where getting the most out of your buck is key, shopping for consumer goods is an area that has most consumers re-thinking where they decide to shop. While malls continue to be packed, it doesn’t necessarily mean that people are spending money. On the contrary, with once dominant department stores like Macy’s and social hangout spots like Starbucks closing stores to save money, consumer spending has changed radically.

With consumers looking at how to save money, they have begun to turn toward outlet malls. For the consumer that has never shopped at an outlet mall, let me introduce you to the world of affordable prices for designer and name brand goods. While affordable is only applicable to certain situations, examples are the best way to show the huge bargain opportunity that is to be had at outlet malls.

Coach for example is well known for being a hot spot at outlets for shopaholics. Not only are their prices well below the MSRP’s but their selection is quite vast. It is true that among the plethora of bags their is a fair share of ugly bags, but the prices are the ones that dictate what is ugly and what is not.

Outlets get most of their merchandise from their affiliate stores after they either go out of season or are overstocked. Many consumers are aware of this and don’t mind wearing last seasons styles. The truth is that to look rich, you don’t have to be rich. Brands like Calvin Klein, Gap, Hugo Boss, Bebe, and even Juicy Couture have all realized this and have begun to tap the huge consumer base that shops at outlets. With small outlet stores beginning to be replaced by designer outlet stores, what was a once in a while stop for families and consumers has now become regular trips when they need to buy something.

In a way, outlet malls can be seen as the place where last season’s style goes to be reborn into an ‘affordable’ style. From electronics to clothing, it seems that you can find anything at an outlet mall. While most outlet malls may not have the ambiance or decor of most shopping malls today, they make up for it by allowing consumers to feel like they really got the most out of their dollar.

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  • Reply Jun Loayza January 28, 2009 at 1:53 am

    Man… I haven’t gone shopping for so long. I think my clothes are so out of season, that they’ll pretty soon be “vintage” and I’ll be able to look cool again.

    – Jun

  • Reply Roger March 13, 2009 at 12:48 am

    I don’t know how many of us prefer that but it is great experience. Especially if you want to save the money then there is nothing better than it.

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