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Lace Em’ Up

November 7, 2008

With Thanksgiving just around the corner, many people are trying to find ways to offset the ‘feast’ on the 27th. One of the most common ways is for people to hit the treadmill at the local gym the day after as not to feel guilty for indulging in that extra slice of pumpkin pie or there grandmother’s mashed potatoes. One of the alternative options to going to the gym is to run. By running, I am not referring to just running a few miles the morning after, but running a marathon.

For most of us, we associate a ‘marathon’ with hours and hours of sweat, pain and exhaustion without any end in site. While this maybe true in some sense, that is not always the case. Our perception of marathons are often attached to the LA Marathon or the NYC Marathon, both of which are highly competitive and take months and months of training for. For the hundreds of us not ready to throw on our Nike’s and pretend we’re Usain Bolt, there are alternative marathons that might be just right.

In the LA area as well as in other cities across the country, individuals can sign up for 5K/10K Run/Walk event taking place the morning or the day before Thanksgiving. In Long Beach, Calif. for example, Long Beach will host its annual 5K/10K Turkey Trot Run/Walk with its proceeds going toward Community Action Team. Not only are individuals able to get a great workout before the ‘feast’, but they can help a great cause as many of the marathons have the proceeds of the registration fees go toward helping there respective cause. This is a great way to start off your Thanksgiving day by staying healthy and helping others at the same time.

What are some ways you plan to work off the Thanksgiving feast?

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