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Service Marketing: Georges at the Cove

October 31, 2008

From the simplistic marquee that adornes the entrance to the modern and stylish decor, Georges at the Cove in La Jolla, California offers an upscale experience in a contemporary setting.

Georges at the Cove offers guests three different dining expereinces, George’s California Modern, Ocean Terrace, and George’s Bar. While each are unique, all three are consistent in keeping up with George’s careful attention to the customers satisfaction and experience.

Attention to detail, and catering to the customers every need and desire has helped George’s develop the reputation of being at the top of its class. Winner of several restaurant awards, George’s has used a simple yet proven formula: Customer First.

When we look at successful restaurants and companies that provide a service, we can see that most, if not all share the common trait of having great relationships with there customers and doing everything to make sure that they walk away with a great experience.

The Ritz-Carlton hotel and resort chain is a great example of this. From the minute the guest walks through the revolving doors to the hotel, they are transformed from being the “average-Joe,” to something more: a guest. The difference between the “average-Joe” and “a guest” starts with the personalization of the service encounters with the Ritz Carlton and its staff. From the staff that cater to the ‘guests’ every request, to the ‘guests’ being addressed as “Mr.” and “Mrs.”, the Ritz-Carlton proves that putting there customers first equates to a good business.

With the service sector now accounting for more than 65% of the United States’ GDP, it is important that businesses get it right when it comes to its customers. Businesses providing a service must realize its consumers needs and address them accordingly. Having the proper customer protocols, management, as well as service quality should all be important points when running a business.

Georges at the Cove is just one of the prime examples of the result of having established good customer relations as well as quality service. From the contemporary dining setting, to the picturesque view of the Pacific ocean, Georges at the Cove makes there customers feel like ‘guests.’


Georges at the Cove
1250 Prospect Street
La Jolla, CA

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