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How To Build An Online Presence By Blogging In Two Easy Steps

December 27, 2011

When it comes to blogging, it doesn’t matter what your company does or what area it operates in. Writing a blog gives anybody the opportunity to maintain a global online presence. For example, say you were to look for an auto dealer in the Yellow Pages. You would find several businesses in your local area. However, if you type “auto dealer” into a search engine, you’ll get results from every corner of the world.

The Internet makes today’s business markets even more accessible. Blogging is a tool that allows businesses to cater to their potential clients on an online platform. Maintaining a blog can help a company website climb the ranks of global search engines while simultaneously providing a narrow focus to local consumers. Two key approaches allow business owners to establish a successful blog.

1. Provide new content frequently

Search engine algorithms are constantly changing, but a few points tend to be consistent. Among them is a desire to see new content on a website. The logic behind this is that if a site is updated regularly then it’s an “active” website. A site that’s never updated could potentially be seen as old and irrelevant, which can adversely affect search engine optimization (SEO) rankings. Updating a company blog frequently as an extension of the site allows business owners keep their websites current.

Though keyword rankings are crucial for a company to maintain a solid online presence, blogs should not used for SEO purposes alone. A person visiting a site feels the same way about new content. New content is not only an indicator of how active a website is, but also how active and informed a company is.

2. Hone your writing focus.

To keep a consistent audience, you’ll need to fine tune the exact content you plan to provide. The goal of blogging for a specific audience isn’t about hard selling. No one wants to read a blog that’s simply a filler for advertisement. By making your blog a place to educate your customers, your enterprise will gain recognition as being an industry authority.

Let’s go back to the auto dealer example:

You observe an increased need for used cars in your local market. You’ve already listed “used cars” as your company’s specialty on your website, but you want to make that information more accessible to potential customers. Your blog is a great way to highlight additional content about both the global auto industry and your local market. You might start by writing an entry on a new industry trend. A few days later you can write a post what it takes to be a licensed auto dealer in your state, making sure to include in keywords like “licensed,” “auto dealer bond” and “work history.” Another entry could describe the different kinds of warranties you provide when people buy a used car from your dealership.

The Internet puts the global marketplace at our fingertips, which makes it even more important for a business to find its niche. Through regular blogging with a focused narrative you can build a strong roster of regular customers.

This article was provided by Kristen Bradley of Surety, a nationwide surety bond producer. Surety works with a number of marketing firms that develop comprehensive online marketing strategies. The agency promotes effective online approaches to entrepreneurs and business owners to help them succeed with their professional ventures.

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