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Get Your Game Face On

January 1, 2012

Whether your Michael Jordan or the guy that pretends he is, everyone has a ‘game face.’ Game face, which by Wikipedia’s definition is “the expression of one who is prepared for or is facing a lot of difficult and/or undesirable work, especially when it is imminent,” doesn’t just represent a visual expression of what’s to come, but also a specific mindset. When we say mindset, we are referring specifically to an individuals mental toughness when dealing with any and all tasks. In the business world in particular, an individuals ‘game face’ can be the difference between success and failure.

What Your Game Face Says About You

While an individuals ‘game face’ is commonly associated with competitive sports, its evident in any situation where a competitive element is present. From taking tests at school to finishing off an important presentation for work, a ‘game face’ doesn’t just tell people that you are ready for the task at hand, it lets others know that you welcome the challenge.

While it was mentioned earlier that everyone has a ‘game face,’ not everyone shows it. Although there is nothing wrong with this, one of the most valuable attributes in the business world is an individuals desire to do more and a willingness to accept any challenge. Using that logic, the sooner an individual is able to put forth their ‘game face,’ the more valuable they become.

Remember, ‘game face’ isn’t just a visual expression, it can also be a specific mindset when given a difficult situation.

Why We Think of Sports First

As previously stated, when people hear the word ‘game face’ they think of sports. So much has sports come to be associated with the term that we rarely think about what the actual meaning of a menacing scowl or a piercing stare from an athlete represents.

While at first glance ones ‘game face’ might appear to be a reflection of ones current state of mind, it goes beyond that and digs deeper into the individuals character and emotions. One way to think of the term ‘game face’ is to associate it with one’s mettle or ability to cope with difficult situations. From Kobe Bryant grinding his teeth together during crunch time to Tiger Woods stern expression when staring down a fairway, there is no other arena aside from sports that can create an emotional roller-coaster the way that sports does.

Step Up to the Plate

You don’t have to be a superstar athlete to have a game face. In fact, you don’t need to be an athlete at all. The business world is full of situations where ones game face is put to the test. For some, it’s harder than others to actually show it, but it’s something that everyone should work toward. Focus, mental toughness, preparedness; these are all part of one’s ‘game face.’ It doesn’t matter what yours looks like. What’s more important is that you actually show it when the situation arises.  Similar to sports and how athletes compete against each other to gain an edge, the business world is as many would say, “a dog eat dog world.” With that said, how will you deal with the challenges that you encounter everyday?

Here’s some advice: Don’t back down from a challenge, welcome it.


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