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Dear Blog, Please Get Me A Job

December 13, 2008

As I was flipping through various news articles on the web, I came across an interesting article written by Adam Nichols of the New York Post. The article, entitled “Better Sign of Times“, was about a banker who was recently put out of a job due to the economic situation. For many of us,  ‘standard protocol’ when looking for job involves:

1. Looking for job openings

2. Submitting our resume

3. Waiting for an employer to ask us to interview with them

Joshua Persky, the un-employed banker from the article, thought of a different way to look for a job. Using his creativity, Joshua Persky used a sandwich board sign saying he was looking for a job and wore it around Park Avenue. Not only did Persky attract plenty of attention from New Yorker’s, but Persky also attracted many job offers. So popular was Persky’s approach to finding a job that he created a blog where he documented his experiences.

Eventually, Persky got a full time offer from Manhattan firm Weiser LLP. When looking back at his experience Persky states in the article that

“Obviously, I had vigorous interviews, but I think it was [the blog] which sealed the deal,”

A blog.

Not his resume, not his interview, and not his sandwich board, but his blog. That is what sealed the deal.

As college students and young professionals prepare to apply for jobs, one advice that I would like to give is this. Company’s that are looking for someone to fill the position that they have an opening for get hundreds and hundreds of applications. Just like when you apply to get into a college, you have to write a personal essay, in essence, a personal blog can serve just the same purpose. A personal blog gives the interviewer a chance to look at many different aspects of you that a resume would never be able to show. From your writing style and use of logic, to what you are interested in and motivated at; your blog is an extension of yourself and everyone should have one.

It is not hard to find two applicants that have great GPA and great community involvement and drive, but what is the key determinant in deciding who gets the position is who is able to leave that lasting impression. In the case of the sandwich board banker, Persky was able to differentiate himself from the rest of the field by not only having a creative way of ‘applying’ for a job, but by having a personal blog that tells ‘his story’ and builds his personal brand.

Whether you write about fashion, music, what your favorite cartoon is, or even what you think the government should do with the economy, always remember that a personal blog is a tool that tells people who you are, where you’ve been and most importantly, where you want to go.


Article: Better Sign of Times, Adam Nichols

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  • Reply Joe Mescher December 27, 2008 at 10:37 am

    Fantastic to see some old fashioned guerrilla marketing at work.

    Reminds me of Seth Godin’s post “Maybe You Can’t Make Money Doing What You Love”.

    Joshua took to something he didn’t necessarily love (blogging, walking around with a sandwich board) to achieve a goal that he desired (job).

    Very cool.

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