Escape into Sin

July 19, 2008

From the busy streets to the fast-paced lives, LA has become notorious for taking the simple man and turning them into a hard working, stressed out citizen. As the summer heat strikes down on me I imagine myself in a place where I can forget about my troubles and lose myself. Of course I can only be describing one place. Las Vegas.

Rightfully named ‘Sin City’, Las Vegas has become an escape from reality into a world where an individual can go from no one to someone in one roll of the dice or wakeup the next day forgetting what happend the last night. From the buzzing sounds of the slots to the limitless amounts of foods at the buffets, to some Las Vegas has become there paradise. Upon recently visiting Las Vegas several things came to mind. The first of which is the obvious difference between going with your family, and going with your friends on your own. The differences are like day and night. Literrally. When the ‘kiddies’ go to bed, another group is just beginning there day. From the club hoppers to the ‘strip’ walkers, Las Vegas never sleeps. Giving new meaning to ‘sleepless nights’, one can find themselves losing track of time.

Las Vegas has plenty to offer to its tourists. From its cleverly themed casino’s such as Luxor, New York New York, and Caesers, to its lavishly designed buildings such as the Venetian and the Bellagio, the Las Vegas ‘Strip’ has become a city within itself. Walking on the Las Vegas is both an adventure and also a workout. While the weather in Las Vegas changes from season to season, the people on the strip do not. From the ‘adult solicitors’ handing out there ever so important 4×6 ‘business cards’ to the always classic Las Vegas ‘Drunk’, the strip is always an adventure outside the casino’s. Whether you are looking for the next place to throw your money at or the next place to eat at, the Vegas strip caters to everyones inhibitions and desires.

Like the moto, “What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas”, Las Vegas has its own rules, its own timezone, and its own culture.

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