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February 9, 2009

Have you ever wanted to start an online business, but don’t know how? From finding the right personnel to run your daily operations to networking with the right individuals, starting an e-commerce business can be difficult. Understanding how hard it is to start a business, we have launched Drop For Me was started with the purpose of helping others who want to start drop shipping or an online business by providing them with a free supplier list.

One of the most difficult parts of starting an online e-commerce site or drop shipping is finding suppliers. While they do exist, it can be time consuming and also frustrating. We realized this and thus was created.

So how does it work?

1. Go to
2. Sign up for our free email list
3. Get emailed 3 new suppliers twice a day, 5 days a week!

Simple as that!

The suppliers we have are great for anyone interested in starting their own drop shipping business or even looking for suppliers for their current ones. Not only do our sources drop ship for you but many also offer wholesale.

We also took into account that some of our subscribers may not want to wait 30 days to get the full months list so we do offer the whole list for a small fee of $20.00 with an additional 80 suppliers on the list for a total of 200 suppliers.

I must give credit as well to Peter Shankman who inspired the idea through his “Help A Reporter Out” (HARO) free newsletter. Similar to his goal of helping others, it is our goal at to help others who are looking for a quality supplier time and money so that they have more time to become successful!.

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  • Reply June February 10, 2009 at 12:40 am

    I don’t know if this is in your business plan or not, but it would be cool to also offer some type of service where start-ups in a certain geographical location can get together to make joint orders from suppliers. That way, they can get volume discounts the way more established companies can… reducing barriers to entry and asset mass efficiencies.

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