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Disney Vacation Club: Best Timeshare?

November 15, 2008

For many of us, our first formal introduction to the Disney family was through television. From the early morning cartoons that entertained us for countless hours, to the small fortune we spent on Mickey Mouse dolls, most of us have in some way been part of the Disney experience. Today, having established themselves as one of the leaders in family entertainment, Disney has positioned themselves to take the lead in “vacation memberships.”

Started in 1991, the Disney Vacation Club was founded on using the basic ideas of ‘timeshares’ but with a different approach. Staying true to the Disney tradition of quality, hospitality, and creativity, Disney has turned the Disney Vacation Club into one of the top timeshares in the world.

How does it work?

Similar to timeshare, the DVC (Disney Vacation Club) allows members to purchase ‘points’ that they can use toward there stay at any DVC resort. This is just one way that Disney has been able to seperate themselves from other timeshares. In the past, when an individual would purchase a timeshare they would have to set a date for which they would travel during that year. If they did not travel during that time during the year, in essence they would have paid for nothing that year. For the DVC, they allow you to ‘roll over’ your points to the next year.

So for example, if Mickey Mouse decides to buy 150 Points, then each year for the duration of the timeshare, he will pay X amount for 150 points each year. If he doesn’t use the points, he can transfer or ‘bank’ his points, as is the term used by DVC, to the next year to be accumulated. For the family that knows they will be having a large family reunion at Disneyworld, this is a great way to save money on accommodations.

Another great part of the DVC is that you can take multiple trips during the year as long as you have points. Also, if you don’t have enough, Disney allows you to borrow points from the next year.

Disney has broken each of there resorts down based on point values. Some resorts for example may only need 20 points a night during June 10-15, while another resort may require more or less. Cost wise, the ‘points per night’ is less than if you were to book the rooms on your own with no DVC.

Only Disney Hotels?

Another great part of the Disney Vacation Club is that Disney offers accommodations at more than 500 different hotels around the world not including there own Disney Resorts. Points may also be used on the Disney Cruise line.

Best Deal?

For the family that is looking for a way to save money on family trips, or even the family or couple that is just looking to travel, the Disney Vacation Club offers all of us a chance to be part of the Disney Family. From there affordable packages to there Disney promise of quality and innovation, Disney has re-invented the idea of a timeshare, and turned it into a ‘vacation club.’

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